Startup Reykjavík

A 10 week long mentorship driven seed stage accelerator program that runs from June to August each year in Reykjavik, Iceland

Coming all the way from Sweden we were seriously impressed with the program. The mentor driven approach worked very well for us and we went into the details on every part of our business model. I also have to say that there is an impressive amount of energy in the Icelandic startup community and a healthy culture of paying it forward.
— Zifra
Startup Reykjavík is a business bootcamp for beginners and advanced. It is guaranteed to transform your business idea to the better and give you a competitive advantage in terms of an amazing network, media coverage and access to funding
— Platome Biotechnologies
No degree, studies or work in the industry can prepare you for the real world the way the Startup Reykjavík Accelerator does for entrepreneurs and startups. You will be amazed with what can be achieved in only 10 weeks
— Mathieu Grettir Skúlason CEO and Co-Founder of Flow Education
We gained valuable connections and attention from investors and people from all sectors of the Icelandic business community through Startup Reykjavík
— Jurt Hydroponics