Startup Reykjavík

Startup Reykjavík is a seed stage mentor driven accelerator program running for 10 weeks each summer in Reykjavik. The 2019 program begins June 10th and ends on August 16th with an Investor Day.

The participating companies receive $22,000 (2,4 million ISK) in funding, top notch mentorship from 90+ entrepreneurs and experts, office space for 10 weeks and a host of other perks.

Startup Reykjavík 2019 timeline

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About the program

Startup Reykjavik is an intensive 10 week program run every summer in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is a seed stage investment program where the teams selected to participate receive $22,000 (2,4 million ISK) in funding from Arion Bank in exchange for 6% of the equity - along with access to top notch mentors, office space and a host of perks.

The Startup Reykjavik business accelerator is a part of the Global Accelerator Network, GAN which means that every startup that is accepted to Startup Reykjavik has access to over $100,000 worth of perks.


Startup Reykjavik was founded by Arion Bank & Icelandic Startups (previously Innovit Entrepreneurship Center and Klak) in April, 2012. Startup Reykjavik is fully owned by Arion bank hf.

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