Startup Reykjavík

Startup Reykjavík is a seed stage mentor driven accelerator program.

The companies that are invited to take part in the program receive $23,500 in funding, top notch mentorship from 90+ entrepreneurs and experts, office space for 10 weeks and a host of other perks.

About the program

Startup Reykjavik is an intensive 10 week program run every summer in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is a seed stage investment program where the teams selected to participate receive $23,500 in funding along with access to top notch mentors, office space and a host of perks.

The Startup Reykjavik business accelerator is a part of the Global Accelerator Network, GAN which means that every startup that is accepted to Startup Reykjavik has access to over $100,000 worth of perks.


Startup Reykjavik was founded by Arion Bank & Icelandic Startups (previously Innovit Entrepreneurship Center and Klak) in April, 2012. Startup Reykjavik is fully owned by Arion bank hf.

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